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Our Systems



The ALTI™ Composite system is a combined aluminium & timber window and door system. On the exterior, it utilises the proven performance of aluminium joinery and design, on the interior, it utilised the thermal performance and character appeal of timber.

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Selected for most family homes, performs well up to a very high wind zone, it boasts modern aesthetics and practical functionality.

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The Pacific Thermal System can add up to 50%* more thermal efficiency to what double glazing alone can provide. This is achieved through a thermally broken frame, unlike standard aluminium joinery which is highly conductive the frame has a nylon thermal barrier which prevents heat transfer and considerably reduces the chance of condensation, thus keeping the inside of your home warmer, drier and more comfortable.

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Smartfit™ is a ready-to-fit cassette window system. The windows and doors arrive with built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams, sill support bars and clever water management features.

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The AllSeasons™ system is a residential aluminium joinery range that has a thermal break built into the design. In essence the thermal break reduces the thermal transference of cold or heat through the frame. This in turn reduces the energy required to heat or cool a home.

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Specified for grand homes, edgy architecture, extreme locations, super weights, and is ideal for integration into commercial applications. 

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Preferred for larger family homes, exhibiting high quality, architecturally designed and difficult locations. It complements well chosen materials, fixtures and fittings and can easily handle big units with vast glazing expanses.

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Curtain Wall Systems can be used where the design of a building requires the glazing span two or more floors of a façade to create the impression of a continuous wall of glass. This can be done both vertically and horizontally on the outside of the structure thereby maximizing the internal floor area.

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Already New Zealand’s leading solution for glass curtain walls, the highly versatile Flushglaze range is now available in greater depths (106mm, 136mm, 159mm), giving superior strength and meaning increased spans can be accommodated before a larger base size is required.

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Today’s buildings are designed with consideration for environmental, functional and occupational features. The resulting designs often have requirements for partial or full screening of building facades.

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Ideally suited to ground floor applications, our Shopfront system is now available at a new depth of 106mm, meaning increased spans can be accommodated before a larger base size is required.

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Roof Glaze Systems are specifically designed for overhead applications such as canopies, verandahs, atriums, barrel vaults, and domes. Suitable for all commercial buildings including hotels, hospitals, schools, and shopping centres, glazing bars can be used to provide natural light within a building, create an aesthetic feature, or provide protection from the elements in the form of a canopy outside the building. We have a range of systems designed for specific uses.

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uPVC Systems

New Zealand homeowners seeking high quality uPVC window and door solutions.Altus Window Systems seek to deliver the best solution for your home.

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