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The Rylock™ brand was started in New Zealand back in 1954 as a manufacturer of aluminium fly screens. We've learnt a lot since then.

In the early sixties, along with fly screens, we started producing aluminium windows, these quickly became our core business. Since then Rylock™ has gone on to become one of New Zealand's most well-known joinery brands. Rylock's philosophy is to design and install windows that fit with the lifestyle of New Zealanders.

Rylock - Enhancing the way you live

Rylock™ is committed to being at the forefront of leading edge design, providing its customers with the most up to date products and features on the market.
We understand there are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the right windows and doors, like indoor/outdoor flow, temperature control and sound reduction, safety and security, functionality and style.
That's why we are proud to supply the innovative LevelStep™, Eurostacker™ and Foldback™ Bifold along with a multitude of other window and door options from our range of product systems. Other options include double & triple glazing, tinting, thermally broken joinery and passive ventilation.

So let’s talk about the kind of life you want to enjoy in your home and how Rylock™ can provide cost effective and practical design solutions to suit.


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As an Altus Window Systems licensed fabricator, you’ll unleash the full resources of an industry leader in manufacturing. We’re committed to making your business a success by giving you access to reliable supply chains, innovative products, advanced production systems, quality tools, customised business software and business experts.